Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super G Carpentry

I *LOVE* taking portfolio pictures for others' creative business endeavors.

I love getting right up close to what people are passionate about.

What they put their time, energy, and intention into.

The things people craft out of their loves, obsessions, interests, needs.

The things people build with their own hands.

Here are images from a new project: Super G Carpentry, a.k.a. Dan Ganch, a fine furniture maker based in Mt. Horeb, WI.

He has a website in the works. You can see the full set of images of his family, his workshop, and his work here.


When rupture becomes rapture said...

Great pictures, Megan. Would you be interested in shooting a retail space near East Towne mall? I recently finished a floor, and would like to have it shot professionally, and thought of you. I'm also looking to revamp my website.

MeganMonday said...

Sure! Would love to. I couldn't find your contact info through your blogger profile; please send me your email address so we can start chatting about it.... meganmonday [at} gmail dot com

Dharmendra Kr Rai said...

nice post