Sunday, August 08, 2010

A little gulp in a period of dormancy

A few recent illustrations.

The one above was commissioned for Good Eater, the latest in the Greetings From Motherland shows.
Good Eater is still up, by the way, at the Eagle Heights Community Garden in Madison, WI. The site specific installation will stay up from July 31st to August 20th (2010).
It's the perfect place to take a picnic- witness the gardens in full bloom, roam under the arbor strung with food narratives. There are plates suspended in the air, a hand stitched and hand printed photographic table cloth swaying in the breeze. It's rather lovely; go on a sun soaked day.

This bookplate was drawn for a friend's book swap gathering. It was fun to draw (and fun to attend!)

Otherwise the summer has been somewhat quiet. A stall. Broken foot for me, while the new walker finds his way. Waiting.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greetings From Motherland

The time has come to talk about Greetings From Motherland, an art project that I've been involved with for the past few months.

GFM is the conceptual/project baby of Mindy Stricke, an artist from Toronto who is visiting Our-Fair-Madison for a year. She's a community artist, pulling people together to make participatory, interactive art about collective experience. This project is about womans transition into motherhood. In her own words:

"After I gave birth to my daughter... I felt as if I had landed in a foreign country that I had only seen in glossy brochures. Publicly, I was expected to navigate ‘Motherland’ with ease and allowed to express only joy, while privately my acclimation was sometimes overwhelming and an artist, I came across few unsentimental representations of this new landscape. It seemed that by the time women have the energy to make honest art about the full range of experiences of new motherhood, they’ve blocked a lot of it out."

And so in the thick of this early motherhood period, we meet. We gather as artists, as mamas, as women. Each Monday we get together to brainstorm, create, and commiserate. To unwell portions of this rich and, um, very textured experience. Not only do we make things together, but meeting shoves a little fuel into our personal fires; so sometimes we even manage to create things on our own again, at home, amidst the takeover of babyhood.

We are having a show of our outcomes on May 23rd, at the Goodman Community Center in Madison. I hope you'll mark your calendars; come celebrate with us.

I'll leave you with a few pictures I'm working on for the show...

Monday, February 15, 2010


A Rambling Path Cookbook
Recipes, Odes, and Musings: Food Throughout the Year

Well, the cookbook we've been working on did get finished. And actually, it was a lot of fun. 

Lyss kept poking my side to get moving on this project, and in the end we had a mad dash to the printing deadline. Lyss blocked off a long stretch of time (without the boys), A. took charge of our boy, we set up dueling computers, and the layout and final illustrations got pounded out. 
It was nice to work on something intensely for a while, and good to finally see a finished project, what with all these half finished ones cluttering my house.

We have it for sale (at cost, for now) here. You can also see a full preview here. 

Get a copy for monthly inspiration!

Journey through a year of food with two friends who share their stories, musings, and recipes. Focus on local food and reclaim time-honored home culinary traditions!