Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suspended, Impossible Autumn

This is how we do our autumn walks: A, always looking up, watching light filter through the canopy. Me, always looking down, keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect red leaf. And now F, this time asleep against A in the carrier.

The new yellow, seeing wild turkeys, balancing on a log. Thinking:
and then:
the diaphanous gown of fall's canopy,
the arch of a fallen knobby limb
that acts as drawbridge
between this beckoning color and
a girl who never liked to walk alone.

Other sentences; we traded turns making them up, and I don't remember them all now.

But I will remember the eyes of this sleepy boy just waking up
to the yellow all around him
for the very first time.

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Rebecca said...

What a beautiful post! I love the pictures, words, colors, stories.

Alyssa said...

the yellow all around him...
welcome to fall, Finn!