Wednesday, October 07, 2009


We have a thing for red foxes in this house.
For A, my guess is that it's some transfer from his childhood favorite story, Peter and the Wolf.

For me, I know that I have a pleasure center in my brain for the color red (and it's warm derivations). Strangely, I dislike red when it's the dominant color, but I like it a lot in small quantities. The majority of my shoes are red, for example, but I have no larger red gear, like sweaters or dresses.
I also have a quite large pleasure center for mysterious wild animals.

Finn, who knows. But we assign him to liking foxes until he can tell us otherwise. We did get a red fox puppet for him. Trying to imprint a fox friend memory?

So, Fox, here in our little house? We'll be your friends.


LisaCase said...
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LisaCase said...
Tod the fox!

Pink Lady said...

Red hair? Red house at 273 DeVore? It's a theme.

MeganMonday said...

You're totally right. Red childhood home, red hair in high school. Red cowgirl boots from that road trip.

And Lisa, Adam says: "thanks for reminding me of the saddest movie ever." :)

gardenmama said...

Foxes are quite significant in our home as well! And I hear you fully about loving red in small accents! This print is incredible, so lovely to have found your blog!