Sunday, October 18, 2009

So We're working on the cookbook

Really, we are. It's coming along by hook or crook. Lyss steals moments to scribble on loose paper while her boys run around the living room with legos, I steal moments staying up later than everyone to tap away at this keyboard. And to make a few drawings, like the marmalade, above. To use color, or not to use color, that is the question. Thoughts?

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Trust Me; I'm a Jedi

To a boy who loves star wars, from an auntie who has only ever seen "space balls".

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Suspended, Impossible Autumn

This is how we do our autumn walks: A, always looking up, watching light filter through the canopy. Me, always looking down, keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect red leaf. And now F, this time asleep against A in the carrier.

The new yellow, seeing wild turkeys, balancing on a log. Thinking:
and then:
the diaphanous gown of fall's canopy,
the arch of a fallen knobby limb
that acts as drawbridge
between this beckoning color and
a girl who never liked to walk alone.

Other sentences; we traded turns making them up, and I don't remember them all now.

But I will remember the eyes of this sleepy boy just waking up
to the yellow all around him
for the very first time.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


We have a thing for red foxes in this house.
For A, my guess is that it's some transfer from his childhood favorite story, Peter and the Wolf.

For me, I know that I have a pleasure center in my brain for the color red (and it's warm derivations). Strangely, I dislike red when it's the dominant color, but I like it a lot in small quantities. The majority of my shoes are red, for example, but I have no larger red gear, like sweaters or dresses.
I also have a quite large pleasure center for mysterious wild animals.

Finn, who knows. But we assign him to liking foxes until he can tell us otherwise. We did get a red fox puppet for him. Trying to imprint a fox friend memory?

So, Fox, here in our little house? We'll be your friends.

Monday, October 05, 2009