Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A mama sea turtle, perhaps?

Any other animal suggestions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 Months

It's been four months since f. was born and hence, about four months since I've really checked into this space. The little one is rolling over, teething, chuckling and growing like a weed.

I, meanwhile, have been growing too. In all the early parenthood ways that you would expect. Love, patience, pride. And though most days it doesn't feel like it, I actually have been getting a few crafty things done. I have a few endeavors to share, and will be dolling out the posts over these next few weeks, as a way to ease myself into this discipline again. You'll see drawings, knitting, a few arrangements. But first, I have a chuckle party to talk about.

The above drawings will be printed on canvas, cut into patches, and faux-serged on the edges. They will be the Finn Chuckle prizes, given out at his "The baby laughed" party to anyone who makes Finn chuckle.

The idea for a chuckle party was planted by Midwife Mary when we came in for our 6 week appointment.

When we arrived Mary asked: "Has he chuckled yet?"
We replied in the negative: "Smiles, but no chuckles."
Mary used to work at a Navajo reservation hospital in the southwest, and the nurses would always ask this when parents brought in a new baby for a checkup. The idea is that in the first weeks of life, the baby is hovering between the spirit/ancestor world and our physical world. The baby stays in this limbo until the
first chuckle. It's at this moment that the child has decided to fully engage in the world, and to join his/her family and community. The first chuckle is a cause for celebration, and whoever elicits this chuckle is responsible for throwing the family a party! The nurses didn't want to be always throwing parties, so they'd always ask to see if it was *safe* to try and make the baby laugh before they did it!

So who made baby laugh? We did. Right in this very house, where he was born and continues to grow. So we're saddling up and baking a cake for the adults and throwing a chuckle party. Hope it doesn't rain.

Since it's a baby party, these patches are designed to adorn baby carriers or diaper bags. I'm making three: a babe, a pala, and a mama. But what, oh what, animal should the mama be?

More to come. Thanks for stopping by.