Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spontaneous Citrus

I'm so glad that we manage to keep a bottle of lemon juice on hand at (almost) all times.

Lemon juice is kind of a staple in our house and during the summer I have to restock every week. A blows through our stash by taking straight swigs or often adding a glug to whatever he happens to be drinking (summer means kombucha, mostly). Last summer fetching lemon juice was a very pleasant chore: we lived in Rochester proper, only a short backstreet bike ride to our co-op. I'd swish through the warm summer air on my used (but new-to-me) bianchi, yellow plastic bin attached on back to haul small grocheries, tomato plants, books, and various other summer collections. It was nice.

During the winter a bottle of lemon juice can sit undisturbed in the fridge for months (good thing acids have a long shelf life!), only to be recalled when I cross paths with some alluringly lemony recipe (thanks for the link, lisa), get inspired and jump up to make it. Right now the apt is getting filled with the pleasantly sweet/sour smell of lemon bread baking. (It will make a good afternoon treat for A after his big day of job decision making.)

I had just (barely, but almost exactly) enough sugar on hand to make the recipe. Whenever that happens I agree with lyss, who said: "Having just enough of things feels just right, like I was meant to make just that recipe just when I did."

Speaking of alyssa and making,

We are making a mini cookbook.

Its our self imposed project for the year. One recipe a month, worked out by spending time in the kitchen together brewing away, taking pictures/making doodles of the final products, with the hope that it all coalesces into a nice printed book for holiday time giving next year. We started in January, and now I hope to start a-blogging about the recipes as we go.

In Jan. we made a new years feast of eggs benedict. In Feb. a winter's dream of marmalade. This month we're thinking lemony brioche (we must have lemon on the brain). I'll be back to post about the marm...as it fits in nicely with the recipe linkage I found with the lemon bread.

But right now that lemon bread is smelling done, and when warm citrus treats await, I go.