Monday, February 02, 2009


Though its been awhile, here are some more of the holiday era makings:

Our friends Kyle and Lisa have 2 cats.
Lisa says: "Megan, paint us an oil painting of our cats!"
Kyle says: "Can you make it reversible so we can not look like crazy cat people when company comes over?"
Too funny. I thought cat pillows would be a good compromise.

This may be hard to see, but I kept the original drawing up on the windowpane(which I was using as a light box to transfer the drawing to fabric) because it amused me: Looks like Lily (the cat) is staring up at the crow (which is an amazing carved wooden bird by Jason Tennant, btw.)

And then here are more of the hand carved stamp stationary sets I made:

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Alyssa said...

You are overflowing with crafty goodness. I sent a MM original card to someone just TODAY!

karen said...

the pillow is great... charming enough for us cat lovers, but not even close to grandma's cat pillows... i love it.
and the old camera stationary. great image. you've been busy!
(re baby goodness: yes, really! i love love love knitting for little ones, and whose better than yours?!)