Wednesday, January 28, 2009

winter still, and little joys.

First off, aren't ice patterns just lovely? I really mean it. I'm not being sarcastic in an I-wish-spring-would-come already kind of way. Sure, it's been cold here for a long time...sure, this has been my first winter with consistently negative temperatures, and sure, there's been snow on the ground since October, but I am still appreciating some of the more aesthetic qualities of the cold.

Like when dusk falls and the fresh snow twinkles as if it's laced with crystal.
Like when the snow is packed just so and it makes that pleasing crunchy squish sound under your feet.
Like when ice crystals form into delicate patterns like little gifts on your cold kitchen window pane in the morning.
They look kind of like lithe ice birds, (or fairies, i guess) don't they?

Meanwhile, again not a baking blog, but I did make very my first 100% white flour (gasp!) loaf today. Per the Peter Reinhart thing.
White flour isn't near as tasty in my opinion, but certainly it's supple and slack and smooth and nice to dough around with.

And lastly, as this is purely a picture day, here are some pretty potatoes cut up as prep for dinner tonight. A vagabond flock that I gathered at the Dane Winter Market. Creamy butter yellow, startling deep purple, mottled plum. So satisfying when your little daily tasks are pleasing to the senses, too.

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