Friday, January 02, 2009

sharing busy december

Still can't post all the makin' (it's not done being given), but here is a a taste:

Top left: satiny bag of sea shell treasures for a certain 5 year old who has been dreaming of Florida this winter
Middle top: gag gift for my high heel/pink/bling obsessed sister, a little watercolor of one of her favorite spikes
Top right: some hand-carved stamp cards: the first features a hasselblad camera and magic wand, the second has high heels and a cocktail glass (for sis again)
Lower left: owl sillouette felt wall hanging for brother, weighted with smudge stick sage I grew a few years ago and had saved (on the left there's a needle point my great grandmother made for me when I was new in the world...)
Middle bottom: date pinwheels for my grandfather from his mom's old recipe
Middle right: gigantic bib made from a towel for one particularly drooly babe
Lower right: more cards, these ones were for my mother: a quilting hoop and needle and thread

Happy 2009!!!
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Pink Lady said...

it's my favorite gift ever!