Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just an update for my (very few) peeps

As the snow falls and we hole up with soups and bread and books, I thought I'd go all personal and wax on about a few things that are going on for us in this brand new year.

A is taking a writing class. It just started yesterday, and runs every other wednesday for a semester. He's working on 2 stories. One is a collection of interrelated shorts about characters who share the same apt building in Rochester. It's called Blossom Towers (the name of the building) and involves a few maintenance guys, a couple cantankerous nosy ladies, a young woman raising twins on her own, and various other sundry characters and how they relate. A lot of the interactions take place on brief but telling elevator rides between the 8 floors.
The other story is about a young boy and his summers spent along the Maine coast with his grandfather. There are interspersing of the boys' dream life with his real days of nature observations and interactions.
A has been really diligent about writing since we moved. He's amped up his weekend morning writing to everyday morning writing. He gets up at 6am and spends an hour tick-tacking at this very keyboard I'm writing on now. (The pink in my cheeks is either pregnancy hormones or beaming pride.)

Also, I can't remember if I've mentioned it, but I joined an art board for a local community center. We (there are 5 of us) are putting together a show currently and will be in charge of putting together shows for the next year or two with a focus on local artists. I'm finding it really fun to sort through submitted work, choose favorites, discuss work with other board members, and eventually (we do the first install next week) meet with the artists and help them realize their show in a gallery space. I think it will be rewarding; and I have to say I really like being on this side of things.

In other Nurturing-Creative-Interests news I just signed on to be "test baker" for Peter Reinhart's next book. (P.R. of the aforementioned cinnamon bread post). He's kind of a big deal bread man, and apparently when he works on a new book he puts out a call to home baker types and gets them to test recipes for him and give him feedback so he can make tweaks before his book goes to print. I think there will be something like 200 home bakers testing things for him. This time I'll be one too.

To close this personal update-y post, I thought I'd share this blog I found and have been enjoying reading: it's personal too (but much more succinct that what you just read) and can be kind of poetic in it's sparse pictures and few words. It's called habit.

Happy late January.

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Alyssa said...

being a board member for the art center and a test baker is a much better idea than being a sub.

i will be your "test eater" of the things you bake (if adam leaves any for me, that ravenous husband of yours... he just eats and eats!)