Friday, December 05, 2008


When we moved to Madison, I changed the location of my work space. It used to be in the back bedroom of our house in Rochester, but now that we live in a small apt, it's in the living room. For now, I'm happy that my art table is front and center. I once thought it was better to have the "creative space" sequestered away (for quiet, uninterupted creativity, of course), but I'm actually finding that I'm doing more work now that it's there to stare me in the face.
My mom feels the same about having her work space in the middle of everything. A few years ago I asked her why she wouldn't turn one of the old kid rooms into a sewing room for herself, now that she had the extra space. I thought it would be quiet, she'd never really have to put away projects while she was in the middle of them, and it would be a special space for her. But, no. She said "You know, I like to be where the action is." I guess I can relate to that now.
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