Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maine again

Here in Maine:

I should have taken a picture on one of the first days we were here; it was all picturesque and heavy with snow on the pine branches. It's just that it's warmer now, raining instead of snowing.
This is the same spot in maine, same exact cabin, in fact, that i stayed in just about 8 months ago when i holed up to write my masters thesis: "Art making: critical thinking and the disposition toward truth-seeking". It actually had a somewhat more put together title, it's just that I can't call it to mind exactly right now. How quickly the memory falters. Thankfully the content is still tucked away in my mind.

Anyway, A's work travel is sometimes good to me cause I get to travel along. Nice especially when we end up in pretty cabin-like settings. This one happens to be on an island that lies at the end of a mile long bridge. When I walk across the bridge later today: lo and behold: a cheese shop and a mug of hot chocolate await me.

I've been working this trip too; but this time it's far less academic: I'm making holiday gifts. It's my habit to blog what's being made as I make it but this time
it will have to wait until after the gifts are given!!

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