Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pre-holiday blather

We've been back from Maine for about a week now, and I've been busy scurrying around trying to get holiday gifts together. I am happy to say that everyone on my list is receiving something handmade this year. (either the whole gift was handmade, or something handmade got included) These were either made by yours truly, or bought at a local holiday crafty event or ordered from etsy, etc.
Oh Drat, that's almost true. I forgot about the nieces and nephews of reading age. Those gifts were not handmade, but were personalized and stamped! Does it count? No? Well, I still feel good about the overall level of craftiness this year.
But certainly all those little things kept me busy.
So, I can't quite post up a storm about those little things I'm giving, but I can share this:

Major ice storm in Maine! The night before we left, freezing rain. I was walking (read: skating) along the sidewalks downtown in Portland where people were falling (with their loaded shopping bags) left and right. The sun was setting, the ambulances were whining down the streets. I needed ice cramp-ons for my boots, no joke.

I met up with A in the thick of it and we meandered on back to the b and b. We were hoping to stay in, but hunger dictated and so we used each other for balance and braved the few blocks to a wood fired pizza place named Bonobo. We are so glad we did. Let me just say that this place was once of the cutest, tastiest little pizza places I have ever been to. (In fact the only one that compares is the original American Flatbread housed in a barn in VT) Mushroom soup! Specialty pizza! Flourless chocolate cake! A great meal pretty cheap. Be still, my heart.

Another thing I can post with confidence is this:

For I know that my siblings-in-law don't read this blog. Those cute owls (by Big Pink Heart) are being given to the nieces and nephews of non-reading age. (You can also see the cardinals in this pic!)

Alright. We're off to FL soon to visit with my grandparents while madison is expecting 8-12 inches!
Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maine again

Here in Maine:

I should have taken a picture on one of the first days we were here; it was all picturesque and heavy with snow on the pine branches. It's just that it's warmer now, raining instead of snowing.
This is the same spot in maine, same exact cabin, in fact, that i stayed in just about 8 months ago when i holed up to write my masters thesis: "Art making: critical thinking and the disposition toward truth-seeking". It actually had a somewhat more put together title, it's just that I can't call it to mind exactly right now. How quickly the memory falters. Thankfully the content is still tucked away in my mind.

Anyway, A's work travel is sometimes good to me cause I get to travel along. Nice especially when we end up in pretty cabin-like settings. This one happens to be on an island that lies at the end of a mile long bridge. When I walk across the bridge later today: lo and behold: a cheese shop and a mug of hot chocolate await me.

I've been working this trip too; but this time it's far less academic: I'm making holiday gifts. It's my habit to blog what's being made as I make it but this time
it will have to wait until after the gifts are given!!

Friday, December 05, 2008


When we moved to Madison, I changed the location of my work space. It used to be in the back bedroom of our house in Rochester, but now that we live in a small apt, it's in the living room. For now, I'm happy that my art table is front and center. I once thought it was better to have the "creative space" sequestered away (for quiet, uninterupted creativity, of course), but I'm actually finding that I'm doing more work now that it's there to stare me in the face.
My mom feels the same about having her work space in the middle of everything. A few years ago I asked her why she wouldn't turn one of the old kid rooms into a sewing room for herself, now that she had the extra space. I thought it would be quiet, she'd never really have to put away projects while she was in the middle of them, and it would be a special space for her. But, no. She said "You know, I like to be where the action is." I guess I can relate to that now.
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