Saturday, October 25, 2008

Long Lapses

I initially started this blog in the summer of 2006 with the intention that it would solely be for art documentation. I was hopeful that posting regularly would keep me self-motivated to make, and that it could serve, in some way, as a running document of my "artistic process": like an online sketch journal. It's worth mentioning that originally I was resolute to keep this blog "all-about-art-output" (and image-based); I was pretty resistant to it turning into anything that might resemble an online diary.

Mostly I've been posting on no set schedule: the occasional new picture, drawing, or print with little commentary. What I've been learning these last years of doing this is that this isn't necessarily the most authentic expression of my so-called "artistic process". It just isn't this rigid. It's become a little brittle from being solely for the one purpose of documenting my own art doodles.

Part of my rigidity has been seeing myself in light of my (outdated?) concept of what an art-maker is: a constantly creating, easily inspired, will-forget-to-eat-dinner-because-she's-too busy-painting, keeps-oil-paint-in-her-pocket-on-accident kind of person. I developed this concept as a teenager, when I actually was like this. As an adult I'm perhaps less of an "artist", but more of a fully functioning person. My process admittedly takes up less of my life now: there are so many other matters to fill up the space. Now, instead of feeling itchy or displaced when I haven't painted, I'm more likely to feel that way when I do sit down to work (though I hate to admit that). My priorities and desires have shifted, and my old mode of thinking about making has become somewhat outdated. I can't do it in the same way anymore. (and I'm aware that I may just need a back to basics test that I am taking a basic painting mini-course starting this sunday...)

This is simply a long way of saying that I'm going to continue to post things I make, but I'm also relaxing my self-imposed rules about what I can or can't blog about. I want to still document the output (not that there was terribly much of it) but also put some energy into posting about the input: things that I see that are inspiring- and let posts be a little more rambling, too. (You may have noticed this change in the last few posts, they've gotten purposefully more conversational lately). Perhaps this will mean more timely updates...maybe that's wishful thinking :)

I'll start by posting a link to this interesting painter/illustrator I stumbled on recently. The shapes are flat but textural, the gestures simple but dream-like.

Happy weekend***

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mushroom Hunting...

I sense mushroom drawings coming on soon...

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