Monday, September 29, 2008

Concord Season in washes



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Saturday, September 20, 2008

And we're here

(not exactly a document of a new artwork, but making, none-the-less)

So today marks surviving the move from New York to Wisconsin, and even settling in a little bit.
It's been one week, and of course we still have boxes lining our floor, but we feel free enough to go Out Into The World: visiting the fabulous Dane County Farmers Market, biking through the streets, catching Neko Case at the opulent Orpheum theater, gathering things that make apt life a little easier (shelving!) and even finding time to bake. I say you're not really in a place until you can start truly cooking again.

Those hefty boxes are being unpacked one by one, or are being kindly chauffeured up to the attic where they will loiter until our next move, presumably into a house.
But for now we are apt dwellers, getting used to neighbors music collections and hours, learning to live in smaller spaces. It suits us just fine.
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