Thursday, August 21, 2008

One moon, many changes

It's been a little over a month since I posted last, and much has changed in that one last cycle.
A month ago, A and I were happily getting along in Rochester, NY. Then, a job transfer opportunity happened, and we've since been whirl-winding: home updates, meeting with relators, putting the home up for sale, relocation arrangements, home sold, contracts written, trips undergone to ensure new places to sleep... all this, plus lots and lots of packing, and more to come.

We're moving to Madison, WI:

and we'll be renters again for a while:

But there are so many good things about Madison, notably this golden badger that acts as a sentinel inside the opulent capital building.

It's a funny thing to move just when you feel like your getting rooted somewhere; we'll have fond memories of Ra-cha-cha, Roc city, R-town, Rochester, the acquired taste. But Madison holds a lot of treasures we're excited to uncover too.

On our visit to secure an apt (which we just returned from), I found myself pretty inspired by the capital building. I usually don't go too ga-ga over ornate old gold and marble structures. Generally all that is too much for me. But this particular building not only has funny little badger guards, but it also has hidden fossils and excellent murals. There is a Goddess of Wisconsin, holding wheat and other bounty, as well as all sorts of virtues personified as Hellenistic-type God/Goddess in mosaics.

Especially I loved this mural on the ceiling of one of the state rooms. Reminds me of Maxfield Parish, and I've always been drawn to those oracle myths. The seeker of knowledge approaching wisdom; the Seeker and the Mystery meeting in a sacred space.

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Anonymous said...

when can i visit? xo moll

LisaCase said...

I've been talking about that badger all weekend. I find that fascinating. I haven't yet found anything so intriguing in SP.