Friday, August 22, 2008


I want to post about the beautiful bounty that I skipped away with when leaving our farmer's market yesterday.
Karen and I had been meaning to trade; and man o man, I am so so so pleased.
Karen makes all manner of amazing knit things. We ended up trading one of my lithos for the above warm and wintery handbag. (Chilly Madison, cozy bag..)
It was Karen's day to sell at the market's second storie tent, and in addition to the bags she made these whimsical and lovely vegetables. The ones you see above were my choices from her "half bushel" option. I did originally think I was getting them for some new wee ones in my life, but: maybe not, I love them so.

Her shop is over at etsy.

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LisaCase said...

Oh my gosh! Am I one of the wee ones because holy crap, those are awesome.

karen said...

my dear, you are too too much!
it's the sign of a perfect trade when both parties feel like they've made out like bandits...
i'm anxiously awaiting framing for my bees... how i love them so.