Thursday, July 10, 2008


I wanted to show off my RoCo (Rochester Contemporary Art Center) 6x6 finds!
The first is a gum bichromate print by Milenko Grgar (no website, unfortunately...) It's called Tartarus. When A and I first saw this image, we thought it was so peaceful, the body floating; hovering. When it came home with us and we learned the took on a whole new (darker!) layer of meaning.
The second is from James Rajotte, he's a local teacher (RIT) and artist.
I love them both- images of water can be so satisfying.

I am really excited to have new art in our home. (Art not made by me because there's no other place to put it :)
It makes me really want to get serious about bartering for art with people I admire. It can be tricky, I realize: you have to love each others work, and then there's the nebulous concept of value and fair trade. But really, when it works, it's a simple and quite beautiful way to share and collectively create and pay back someone with your own "sweat equity"; and that feels good.

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