Monday, July 07, 2008

Little by little

Though I have been meandering in a lot of different directions (including finally establishing a garden, with the help of seeds and plants from friend and green thumb Sharon), Things with the painting are coming along little by little. I am re-experiencing the mystery of color (and why I always thought it was so tricky to interpret) Still making washes (blue background) and starting to build up color in the face. I still need to develop the skin and work on the background, and no attention what-s0-ever has been paid to the eyes or hair yet.

Here it is before the aforementioned distracting trips, just after the green phase, with a wash of yellows and a made-up, approximately Adam-colored glaze on the right side of the face.

During the course of this painting, I already had the inevitable, early I-Hate-This-I'm-Stopping phase, which luckily turned into the This-Is-A-Challenge-And-I-Kinda-Like-It phase, and now I feel just on the cusp of the This-Is-Almost-Flow-Like phase. That's a lot to go through with a project that I've only sat down a few times with. This must be due to my history of love and loathing with painting. In any case, most of me is glad to be back to it.

New distractions include teaching two photography classes; one an adult intro course, the other is a youth program working with Rochester's city students.

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Pink Lady said...

Adam is green just like African Mollie :)