Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Art: no photography...

but a lot of other neat processes.
Here is a sampling of what I made:

The first is a jigsaw blockprint...which involves carving an image, then cutting it out into a puzzle, then individually inking each piece different colors, reassembling it, and printing it. This one is 12" by 24", it has 9 colors and 20 pieces.

Then a reduction blockprint, which means you ink the whole plate each printing with a color, then continue carving out, ink a different color, print again, and so on, until the whole plate is totally carved out and the image isn't there anymore.

Then a wood cut. This is the actual plate, before printing it. I like the thick slab of wood, so I may keep it like this, and not print it.

Next is a silk painting, its 48" by 24" (and 2 details of it)

And last, a stamp print of some wishbones...

plus another woodcut (of a woman and a mandrake root), and a felted wool fox.