Sunday, June 10, 2007

A series of closed doors.
Approach the monastery by hillside and
the gate opens.
From this distance: the Kathmandu Valley, split open like a gutted fish (beautiful bone, fine filigree)
from Manjushri's sword.
Intention and the power of creation.

The mythology here is transferable.
I want flight, that many winged bird,
I need open gates.
Creation is dually an act of violence (thrust, propulsion, intention)
and an act of beauty (beginning, opportunity, birth)

Notes: not sure about the gutted fish- graphic because I want that juxtaposition: force/beauty, but? Maybe "the Kathmandu Valley, split open like cracked oyster, like open book, like...."
also, re: bottom line: "Creation is an act of violence" or "Creation is an act of force"?
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