Thursday, July 06, 2006

New, small Black and Whites

Working at the Community Darkroom is getting me excited about black & white again. It's a bit of a challenge to take the color out, because in picture making, that's what I've really thrived on. But it's always good to shake things up, re-work them. And Simplify.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

South Dakota Sky and I.

June 2006; A visit to South Dakota. Just what the city dwelling east coast spirit needs: a lesson in the open prairie. Wide fields of overgrown swaying grasses and thistle. Visited some friends and did a few mini photo shoots for said friends album accompaniment. Took photos of abandoned barns where the swallows have made nests. Swing sets rusted in the years of rain. Hog sty swept out and made into a wood working shop. Empty silos with good acoustics. Campfire tales in the lapse of shutter speed. It was refreshing to be out there. Used the HOLGA again...will post those soon.